Ferrari or Ferrari? Test Your Knowledge of Fast Cars and Cool Art

Dialogo  by Virginio Ferrari. Courtesy University of Chicago Magazine archives.

Dialogo by Virginio Ferrari. Courtesy University of Chicago Magazine archives.

By Tyler Logan

This past fall, UChicago Arts, the University of Chicago Laboratory Schools, the Smart Museum of Art, and the Department of Art History partnered to present a program on Italian sculptor Virginio Ferrari. Presented as part of the Art Design Chicago Initiative, Dialogo: Virginio Ferrari and Chicago included tours and talks, K-12 and family programming, and other public events. Guests at multiple events throughout the city had the opportunity to learn eye-opening facts about the internationally-acclaimed sculptor, whose surname always calls to mind works of art—be they sculptures or sports cars. Can you guess which Ferrari each question is about? Try your luck below! (Answers after the next image.)

  1. This Ferrari was born in 1937.

  2. This Ferrari work weighs nearly 3,500 pounds.

  3. This Ferrari has over 30 works in Chicago, six of which are on the UChicago campus at any given time.

  4. This Ferrari once wrote “One must keep working continuously; otherwise, one thinks of death.”

  5. This Ferrari was officially established in 1947.

  6. This Ferrari has dedicated space for their work.

  7. This Ferrari was born in Modena, Italy.

  8. This Ferrari was initially uninterested in the work that defined his career.

  9. This Ferrari design was inspired by a WWI flying ace.

  10. This Ferrari has an exhaust system named after him.

Image via  Amir G.  on Flickr, courtesy Creative Commons.

Image via Amir G. on Flickr, courtesy Creative Commons.


  1. Sculptor Virginio Ferrari was born to a exhibition in Venice at age 24. Race car driver and entrepreneur Enzo Ferrari was born in 1898 and made his racing debut in Parma at age 21.

  2. Unveiled at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show, the Ferrari 488 weighs nearly 3,500 pounds despite being able to reach 100 km/hr in three seconds and having a max speed of 330 km/hr. The 1971 sculpture Dialogo by Virginio Ferrari, on display outside of UChicago’s Pick Hall, weighs over 10,000 pounds.

  3. UChicago has six works by Virginio Ferrari, including 1971’s Dialogo in front of Pick Hall, 1993’s Interlocking in the Lab School Courtyard, and 2015’s Caring in the Center for Care and Discovery at the University of Chicago Medical Center. No word on how many Ferrari cars are in Chicago, UChicago or otherwise.

  4. Race car driver and Ferrari founder Enzo Ferrari reportedly never took a vacation in his long career. He personally approved the Ferrari F40 shortly before his death in 1988 at age 90.

  5. Ferrari's conception as an auto manufacturer is usually recognized as occurring in 1947, when the first Ferrari-badged car was completed.

  6. Both! Virginio Ferrari, who w as a UChicago faculty member from 1966-1967, maintains a studio in Bridgeport. The Ferrari car company has a dedicated race track, Pista di Fiorano, to test their cars; they are the only automotive manufacturer to maintain a race track for this purpose.

  7. Enzo Ferrari was born in Modena, Italy. Virginio Ferrari was born in Verona, Italy.

  8. When he was a young man, Enzo Ferrari had no intention to produce cars. After a career in racing, he primarily prepared race cars for gentlemen drivers for car manufacturer Alfa Romeo and did not design his first car until he was 42 years old. From a young age, sculptor Virigino Ferrari continued his family's tradition of stonecutting.

  9. The Ferrari company's Prancing Horse symbol was originally used by World War I pilot Francesco Baracca on his airplane.

  10. Neither! The Virginio Ferrari Exhaust is named for the founder of motorcycle racing company, Virginio Racing.